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Bob Gatera

Bob Gatera


Bob is the General Manager of Balton Rwanda, a British Multinational trading in agriculture across the board, public health products, electro-mechanical turnkey projects and communication solutions.

He previously served as Head of Investment with the Rwanda Investment Promotion Agency (RIEPA), now the Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Bob holds an MBA from the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Makerere University, Uganda. Bob is a founding member and a Board Member of Falcon Capital Investments.




Jean Paul is a Lawyer by Professional and active member of Kigali Chamber of Bar Association with extensive handonskils to settle corporate Legal Files.

Insurance Market Stability
Insurance Market Stability

  • The financial and management strength, attitude towards claims and efficiency of the insurers is a matter we take very seriously.
  • We conduct a review of all the insurance companies annually and rate them, according to the Following categories; Outstanding, A, B, C, D.
  • We ordinarily place our business with the insurance companies in the outstanding, A, B & C categories. Should a client prefer to have a placement in an insurance company Rated otherwise we insist on a letter of instruction.
  • This rating of insurance companies is not static and we review it regularly on an on-going basis.

>Why Falcon Insurance Services
Why Falcon Insurance Services?

  • We offer you portfolio advice and services that suit your needs
  • In addition, we have the persuasiveness to request greater discounts due to volume of Business and get claims paid faster.
  • If you deal direct, you are obliged to accept only what’s on offer and simply have no legal recourse in the event of miss-information.